Welcome to Zi Club!

Hi Momma, Dadda!

Welcome to Zi Club!

Zi Club is a reward program that allows you to accumulate points for actions you take! And those points become real discounts! And who doesn’t like discounts!? 😀

List of actions:

  • For every $1.00 you spend, you’ll earn 3 points.
  • Follow us on Instagram, you’ll get 100 points.
  • Register with Little Zi, and you’ll get 200 points.
  • When you share our link with your friend, and your friend makes a purchase, you and your friend will get a $5.00 discount for your next purchase.

In summary, 100 points equates to a $1.00 discount! The more actions you take, the higher the discount you’ll earn.

Happy Joining!



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