4 Musts to bring to the hospital!

Hi friend <3

Well first and foremost, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your life is about to be enriched in ways you didn't think it was possible, and say goodbye to sleep, lol. But it’s all totally worth it.

So today, we wanna share our top 4 items to bring to the hospital. 

The hospital has a lot of amazing things, diapers, vaseline tubes, blankets (which can be used as swaddles), newborn hats (take them!!) These are things that you can skip taking to the hospital and should absolutely beg the nurse to give you more when you’re about to check out.

But the reality is we, first time parents, don't know anything so we get over ready. We pack too much of everything and are ready way before the due date. (We had our bag packed a month before the due date.)

So from experience, this is what we recommend you bring to the hospital:

  1. Carseat- will definitely need one!
  2. A big bag- to fill all the goodies you’ll be bringing from the hospital.
  3. Baby first outfit!- Little Zi Baby Set would be perfect ;)
  4. Chargers- very precious item. Bring more than one so you don’t fight over the only one you brought with you.

If you care about pictures, check if the hospital works with a photographer/ photography company prior to going. You can set up a session right after birth to capture that precious family moment ;) 

Hope this helps!

Let me know what else you’ll be bringing to your big day <3



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