About Us

Hi, I’m Angie! Co-creator of Little Zi, Mom of Sophie, and Zizzi’s daughter. And this is Zizzi! My mom, co-creator and, most importantly, the mastermind behind Little Zi. 

It all began with a dream to join forces - Zizzi’s designer background and my business skills - to bring Little Zi to life. And it all started with my mom’s drawings in 2018. 

Together, we work tirelessly to create and bring to you adorable, comfortable and sustainable babywear. Because like you, all we want is the very best for our babies.

Today we’re so excited to be able to bring it to Your home for the Special munchkin.

Little Zi was born from love. We hope you love our collections as much as we do. 

Your’s truly,  Angie & Zizzi


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